Nextone Media Corporate


Nextone Media was founded in 1998 and is privately held, headquarters is located in London, Uk.

We are journalists on the road, photographers, people who live their own cities. We believe information must come from the grass-root level, be free and independent. We believe in the creative force of our authors. We believe in the passion of our readers. This is not just a job, it is love for information and writing. Nextone Media is based in London, the most multicultural city in the whole world, but our bloggers/journalists are based everywhere. We write from Brasil, from Italy, from Denmark, from Canada, and from the United Kingdom, of course. Anyone can write for Nextone Media, all you need is a mailbox and a lot of ideas. Contact us, we always reply to everybody.

Our mission here at Nextone Media is to provide our clients and our partners with as much visibility as possible within the world that we best know, the world of the web. We work every day in order to bring masses of specific users towards products and services of companies which are our clients and business partners.

Over the years we have contributed to launch many web sites and communities.
So if today the web belongs to everybody,it’s also partly thanks to us.